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YFNCC (Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce) is based in Whitehorse, Yukon supporting local businesses to help them get connected, expand exposure, and grow. My role is to take on the design, development of the website.

Role: Web Designer | UI Designer

Type: Web Dev, UI

Date: 2017-2021


YFNCC was looking for a website solution for local members and promote the organization. It was first a portfolio-based site. There is a challenge for the website to grow its function and online influence. Working in collaboration with Anne from CSR on various campaigns and also talented photographer Cathie for beautiful photos.


With my experience in WordPress and front-end development, I also handled the production of this project at full scale. Two main functions of the website is the in-house business directory and also the newsletter system. Also, integrate Woocommerce online store to sell tickets for events due to social distance. In addition, also support AIIC Event Website with Agenda and Interactive map.

Advanced Form integration


With YFNCC project, the complete integration of various functions of the website such as member directory, sign-up forms with payment, and newsletters help the chamber of commerce to grow over the years. And I gained valuable experience working with indigenous communities and leaders

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